"Dear Elizabeth,
I wanted to let you know that my sister visited my mom and dad and loved ones today and called me to say that the stone inscription is beautiful! Thank you so much for all your fine work and communication. It makes my heart feel happy that it can look beautiful for my most beautiful mom.
Many thanks again,"

Velma Lee


"It is just beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful work and for getting it up in time for the two-year anniversary.
Many thanks from my family."



Hello Elizabeth,
We are so pleased with the engraving on our stone.  We stopped by on Friday to do our planting and were able to meet the stonecutter.  What a very talented and devoted man.
Thanks again,
Maureen Williams


Hi Elizabeth,
I went to Central right after work today to look at the work.  It’s perfect and again it will mean the world to my family this Saturday.    From one resident to another, thank you.   I hope one day I’ll have a chance to thank you in person.

My very best,